Join us for an exclusive evening tour like no other as we visit one of Argaty’s reintroduced beaver families.

Learn the history and ecology of these ecosystem engineers as we watch them feed, swim and reshape the landscape at a beautiful upland pond.

Highlights: View an enchanting and elusive keystone species. Learn fascincating facts about their lives and see the many other species for which beavers’ engineering makes a home. Refreshments provided.

£50 per person, Maximum 5 people.

Tours run in spring/summer only (by autumn/winter it’s too dark to see the beavers!)

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The Story of the Argaty Beaver Project

In 2021 a family of beavers that would otherwise have been culled was relocated to Argaty. This was a major moment of Scottish history – never before had beavers been moved from conflict areas to a new part of Scotland.

Beavers are remarkable animals. They create sprawling deadwood-filled wetlands which become home to a mind-boggling list of species from invertebrates to amphibians to fish to… well, just about everything really!

Occasionally their water-engineering activities cause issues for land managers. Government policy once forbade animals from being relocated from conflict sites to new areas of Scotland, but in 2021 policy changed. We applied to relocate beavers to unfenced ponds on Argaty, and (thankfully) were successful! Following our first release, a second family was moved here in February 2022.

The Argaty Beaver Project was a collaboration with Beaver Trust and Five Sisters Zoo, who helped to safely trap, house and relocate the animals.

We look forward to welcoming you for a beaver tour to see these amazing animals, witness their incredible engineering and learn why you should “give a dam” (sorry, we couldn’t resist) about them!

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