Welcome to a farm

Where red kites soar through the clouds

And red squirrels leap through the trees

Where beavers shape waterways

And food production helps nature

Welcome to Argaty, a rewilding estate.

Argaty is a working upland livestock farm which has been home to our family since 1916. A massive six generations of Bowsers have lived here. Niall and Lynn are the fourth, Tom and Sarah are the fifth and their daughters, Rowan and Ellie, are the sixth… that’s a lot of Bowser!

As a family we believe in making our home a great place for nature, from the kites in the sky to the squirrels in the trees and everything else in between. Read more about our story here and we look forward to welcoming you.

What we offer:

You can view our Accessibility Statement for Argaty Red Kites here