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Red Kites hides (main & photography)

The kites seldom land so the majority of photographic opportunities are going to be flight shots (see examples).

The approximate distance from the main hide to the food is 50m, slightly less from the 3-person photography hide.

For the main red kite hide a tripod isn't very useful as the seats in the hide get in the way, but a bean bag or small support can be very helpful. There is one slot at the door where a tripod can be used.

The 3-person photography hide offers bigger viewing hatches and a tripod or monopod can be used easily.

Our prime concern is always to avoid disturbance to the birds so we do ask photographers to be sensitive to this and to stay inside the hide.

Here at Argaty, we are not trying to end up with tame Red Kites: the numbers you see will depend very much on what time of year you are visiting and also on many other factors like the weather, availabilty of other food and so on.

  • Kite gliding through the sky
  • Red kite against trees
  • Kites in winter
  • Scuptural kites
  • Kite taking food
  • Kites scrapping
  • Swooping kite

Woodland Hide

Do bring a short focal length lens as well as a longer one as the squirrels can get very close indeed!

A bean bag or monopod is probably the best choice over a large tripod, but this hide is pretty flexible for photography.

The floor level hatches offer a unique opportunity to photograph the squirrels face to face.

We hope that there are photography opportunities for all in this hide.

camera lens image by tookapic from Pixabay

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