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Walks at Argaty

Argaty is a 1370 acre farm of mixed moorland and upland pasture and includes some 300 acres of both deciduous and coniferous woodland.

The area is rich in wildlife, boasting over 100 different bird species, wild flower meadows and a whole range of wild animals from red squirrels to red deer.

Habitat creation has for a long time been one of the major land management options on the farm and is an on-going feature.

Three new ponds, in addition to the four existing ones, have recently been created, special crops have been sown to provide winter feed for birds and field management options have been adopted to encourage and protect wildlife.

Argaty is in an area which is steeped in history.

  • Come and hear about Heather Jock, the 18th century brigand of the Braes of Doune. You can still see the ruins of his house.
  • Perhaps visit the Gallow Hill with its hanging tree and the nearby ancient fort.
  • What happened in the Smugglers Burn or at the Judge’s Cairn?

Information for school visits

In the morning there is a choice of guided walks – we can even tailor walks to suit your particular interest or ability. Please let us know if there are any restrictions to where you can go. It is important that you enjoy your visit.

Moorland wildlife walk

This is a walk over rough terrain where you can expect to see birds such as skylark, meadow pipit, stonechat, wheatear, red kites, curlew, lapwing to name but a few. The walk will take in Heather Jock’s house, the Towrie croft, the Judge’s Cairn and a visit to the lambing parks (late April to mid May) or wild flower meadows.

These areas contain many species of moth and butterflies, you will also see a wide variety of moorland and upland flowers. Orchids are a particular feature of this part of the walk in early summer.

Pond and woodland wildlife walk

This walk will take you over open field and through woodland to three or even four different ponds where you may see mallard, moorhen, grey heron, cuckoo, Greater Spotted Woodpecker and many of the woodland birds.

You may wish to include the Smugglers’ Glen, the Gallow Hill and the two ancient forts and return by the wild flower meadows.

Finally your tour can finish up after lunch with a visit to the Red Kite hide to watch the kites being fed. Food is put out for the kites each day throughout the year. The feeding, by the way, is actually minimal, it just gives the birds a helping hand.

Watching from our purpose-built hide you should have the chance to watch the spectacle of the kites' flying acrobatics set against the backdrop of our hill fields. Kites often feed on the wing and so you might see them swoop down to seize the food in their talons before they soar upwards again, sometimes being challenged by another bird for their haul.

School group visits to Argaty will show the interaction between agriculture, conservation and the environment.

We can arrange an outing to suit your curriculum needs, so long as we know well in advance what you wish to get out of the visit.

Contact us to arrange your visit

Telephone: 01786 841373
E-mail: info(at)

For the walks detailed above, robust footwear is a prerequisite as there are no proper paths.

Walks should last between 2 and 2½ hours and will start at 10.30 am from the car park.

A picnic area is available at the car park with an indoor shelter nearby in case of inclement weather. Please bring your own food or sandwiches.

As this is very much a working farm, we would ask visitors to book in advance so that we can arrange the tour that suits your particular interests.

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